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Hotta hasn't finished yet. You can't quit.

Rachel sent an email to Lynnette. The movie was quite good. Val's resources are limited.

Ebola seems to be spreading at an exponential rate, which is very worrying to say the least. Everybody showed sympathy toward the prisoner. That looks kind of fun. Jochen is disappointed.

I'm not a fan of centrism. He's a student who I'm teaching English to this year. He is always talking about old memories of his childhood. This is a bird sanctuary. We need time to prepare the list. He apologized to me for his rudeness. Elric shot Lonhyn. We must talk first. I can't stand arugula or any bitter greens.

He is too old to walk quickly. I didn't understand what was happening. The family assimilated quickly into their new environment. We're dead meat if they find us. Here's a list of people I want to invite to our wedding. I hear Cecilia has dropped out of school.

I don't see how you can eat that stuff. Do you charge for delivery? I took it for granted that he would pass the exam. Could you advance me some money?

The new labourer was buggered by smoko. The fact that it's expensive doesn't mean that it's any good. The pigeon is cooing. Russell wiped his tears away. Saiid stood in front of the mirror. He had many capillaries burst in his legs. He's young and beautiful.

I cannot make Taninna laugh. She doesn't like my jokes. I hope we survive. Where are my gloves? Time is up now. Sorrel applauded loudly.

Do you have one a little bigger than these? I told them I was happy.

Can my daughter go to school? She can ride a motorcycle, not to mention a bicycle. Silence is an argument which is difficult to counter. Why are your blinds closed? I am not missing the point. How bad could it be? Sergeant might think that we aren't coming. Not that he couldn't, but he's too lazy one man.

Edith was very confident. They are willing to help us out. We'll leave when it stops raining. She said that her mother hated her.

Shut the damned door! England would fit in Brazil 65 times with room to spare. Why don't you get yourself a girlfriend? Roxanne took the key from the keychain and handed it to Floria. He was now the owner of her little house. There wasn't much news in last night's newspaper.